Help and FAQ

There are some issues that occur for new visitors and for new users of casino games. To make their, and your life easier, we gathered those questions we received the most times. These are frequently asked questions, and we did our best to answer them. If you did not find the answer you seek, contact our support!

What’s the purpose of this site? Can I play here for real?

This site has useful hints and tips for you, along with casino reviews. However, we do not host casino games for real money – every game you see listed there is available for practice and fun. If you wish to play for cash, you should visit any of the featured casinos – we have them tested, so they are safe to use.

How can I play?

You have to have computer, tablet or smart phone. Usually, Windows is supported by the casinos, but Linux and Mac machines are supported too, usually by the in-browser instant play lobbies. On tablets and smart phones HTML-5 is used, so a compatible browser is a must! With the computers nowadays lagging hardly occurs, but always make sure to keep your Flash up to date. Visit the: for the installer.

Are these games for online playing only?

Indeed they are. You can’t play them if you are not connected to the Internet. Also, the games restart if you reload or re-enter the pages, so your progress won’t be saved, and your credits cannot be restored.

How many times can I claim a casino bonus?

In most cases, the welcome bonuses are claimable only once. All other deposit-related and reoccurring bonuses are claimable as many times as it is stated in the related terms. The casinos usually support only one account per household (IP), having multiple accounts to claim bonuses more than once is against the terms, and might lead to exclusion.

Is it true that free-play games are altered?

No, it’s not true. There are fake games of course, but we host only trustworthy casinos’ games. These practice play casino games use the exact same RNG (randomizer) than the real versions.

Do you have any games provided by you?

Well, we plan to implement prize draws, competitions, and events to keep you hooked! If you are interested in developments regarding our site, keep up with our social media!