Responsible Gambling

Gambling can turn into an addiction, which could easily lead to issues, mental and physical alike. Though our site doesn’t offer betting and gambling for real money, we try to help you to avoid any issues. Every money gambling takes place on the casino sites we are linking to, but it’s up to you whether you use that option or not.

To limit the risks, and keep playing casino games fun, here are a few hints how to keep the control:

  • Always set up a limitation for deposits. Never deposit more than you can afford, as there is always a chance to lose it all.
  • If you lose multiple times in a series, your luck might be worn out. Don’t stretch your luck, rest a bit, and return later. Don’t piss off on a game!
  • Limit the losses. A daily limitation might be helpful, so you can play some on the next day too!

If you think you have problems, you experience mental issues (anxiety, conniption) and you lose too much on the online casinos, you should seek out any of these organizations for help:

  • Gambling Help (
  • Gamblers Anonymous (1800-002-210)
  • Problem Gambling (
  • Life Line (
  • Game Care

You should also start to exclude yourself from online and offline casinos. Almost every online casino offers the option to add yourself to their excluded players program. This will make it impossible for you to deposit and play for real money; at the strictest sites, you may not be able to log in at all.

Shared computers and minors

If you play online casino games on a device that’s available to others, especially minors, you are responsible for keeping it safe and prevent under-aged individuals from accessing online casinos. For this, we have prepared some guidelines to help you:

  • You should always close the browser after playing – using incognito mode might be the most optimal solution.
  • If you use downloaded casino suit, log off, and close it if you are finished playing
  • Do not store your login info in the browser, and if you wrote it down, store it where children can’t find it.
  • Parental control software are good for keeping minors away from adult content and even from gambling sites.